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Stickly!Darco, Inc. [entries|friends|calendar]
Stickly!Darco, Inc.

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[21 Mar 2007|10:00pm]

coffeeCollapse )

crarcoCollapse )

sexual frustrationCollapse )

cranky!dylanCollapse )

kissCollapse )

strip pokerCollapse )

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[27 Mar 2006|06:42pm]

TEotH humorCollapse )
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[20 Oct 2005|05:29pm]

Yes, another comic strip. Woot. The community is alive now 'cause of DAW. =]

Comicness =xCollapse )
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[17 Oct 2005|04:47am]

WE'RE BACK!!!Collapse )
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[19 Jul 2005|10:32pm]

Hello, Kate here, other less intelligent half of the modly duo. And I come bearing bad news sadly. =[

As of now the comics from my end are on very temporary hiatus.

My scanner is down. I have about three different pages ready for when it is back up and running. And I do believe Jade has been monstrously busy as well.

So, sorry you guys, I seriously never meant to cough out so early on, but we will have this thing back moving as quickly as possible and I'm sorry I didn't drop by to say so earlier. Thanks for you waiting.

[02 Jul 2005|10:31pm]

Mission ImpossibleCollapse )
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[26 Jun 2005|12:15am]

Sorry it's a little late! It actually completely slipped my mind until about half an hour ago.
Anyway...here's mine. Nothing romantic in this one...just an amusing thought I had =P

Strip #2Collapse )
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[18 Jun 2005|07:14am]

Strip #1Collapse )
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[18 Jun 2005|06:46am]

Welcome to Stickly!Darco, Inc., where the speech bubble is your friend and clothes are unimportant.

Basically, this was born of early morning joking around and a whole lot of scanning but suddenly grew into this great tidal wave of squiggly arms and uneven frames. But hey, it's great fun.

Every Saturday, a new comic will be posted, alternating between Kaitlin and Jade. [We reserve the right to change the day of posting at any time, whether it be due to necessity, pure boredom, or out of the overwhelming desire to irritate you.]

So, sit back and relax [as much as your computer chair will allow] and enjoy what we have done so far!

kaitlinbell & jadedanielle

P.S. Please remember to check out the userinfo!
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